Navigating the Career Fog by Knowing your Strengths

Limited editions by Phillipa Bloom Photographs, at

Limited editions by Phillipa Bloom Photographs, at

Knowing what you are good at feels good. Doing lots of enjoyable work would be fantastic. But honestly hand on heart, how many people do you know that truly work with their passion and use as much of their strengths as possible?

Most of us were brought up to go with opportunities. Molding our experience to the needs of a vacancy. Or trying to hit the right mood of the recruiter who reads our application. From a candidate’s perspective one quickly goes down the deficiency spiral. I am not speaking Cantonese, etc. The internal dialogue starts and talks you out of even applying.

Now imagine you are using the skills that come natural to you, those personally traits that you are not even aware you could throw in the convincing pot. And then there are the wonderful people around us, who have their own opinion on what is right and best for me to do. Am I brave enough and step away from all of this and take a closer look at my strengths (and potentially interesting areas of development)?

The Harrison Assessment is a work-preference tool that looks at the characteristics and traits that show up (and are relevant) in the work place. Looking at the reports you are encouraged to look for opportunities in which you can use those skills more often (as an option if you want to take a slight twist and turn with what you see yourself doing for the rest of your life). In most cases the picture you are seeing somehow matches what you felt or assumed about yourself. Now you get language. New ideas. New insights on how you can use them differently, what you might need to change in the environment, in communication with your boss and colleagues, talking about them allows the universe to send opportunities your way. It is the law of attraction that kicks in, once you have started.

From an employer’s perspective, again one has a hunch, a gut feeling paired with wishful thinking of what you expect from an ideal know-and-do-it-all candidate. Again the reports provide a language or a picture which enables fruitful conversations. Uplifting ones. Ones to energise and tap into our universal need to be acknowledge for what we are and where we can thrive.

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