“I reached out to Iris through LinkedIn because I wanted to find a coach. She suggested me to do the Harrison Assessment to find out my interests and, strengths and other issues for my career development. Iris is an excellent coach and she helped me focus on what I want the most. Her powerful questions made me reflect on things that I might not think about. I can now with confidence focus on what lies ahead of me.
Thank you, Iris, for your kindness and support.
— Mats, Purchasing Manager, Guangzhou
I came in with so many unknown elements in terms of my abilities but also my goals and my paths to get there. Coaching helped me unbundle these and tackle these in bite size format.
Questioning questioning and questioning is what Iris did and it is super useful as it forced me to think hard about the “whys”. Implementing a disciple of asking me to write down my action plans and holding me accountable in between the session was motivating. Iris is a very approachable character and her calm approach/ perspective was reassuring, yet strong to keep me going – very grateful for that.
It s been an eye opening journey. Thanks for the guidance and support
— Nico, Marketing Communication and Customer Experience Expert, Hong Kong
Iris supported me shape my way as executive coach and entrepreneur. Her coaching style has many dynamics: at times we went „Miles“ in a session, at other times, she took great patience in developing different perspectives with me to a possible solution. I liked that she uses humor and deep emotional intelligence, I loved the “elegant“ way she made me shift into a new direction. Her homework supported me in deepening the learning and her suggested material was excellent for me to reflect on my own! She is a great coach!!
— Dagmar, Innovation Coach & HR Consultant, Hong Kong
Thank you for helping me cope with the special constellation and situation at my company in this difficult time. Iris is a great listener and gives good advice (even better: let’s me find out myself what I need to do).
— Stefan, Managing Director, Hong Kong
You radiate joy and energy!” Iris said to me. But truly this is what Iris brings about in me. She (re-)ignites the fire for my cause and makes me feel excited about what I’m trying to do when I often get bogged down. Thank you for reaching out.
— Blaire-Ashley, Shanghai
Iris gave me lots of positive power, to loose fear to come to final decisions. Even though I was hesitating she gave me a positive feeling, made me think of pro and cons and left the decision to me, not pressuring me to still try it and always let me decide at the end what I want. She was giving me a good lead on how to make my conclusions.
— Zina, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Berlin & Hong Kong
Iris is a highly motivated and competent coach and was an engaging and empathetic listener throughout the program. Before I had begun the program with Iris, I was feeling completely lost, as it had been difficult adjusting to my new life without work or much guidance. Although I was grateful for the love and concerns from my family members, I felt stuck and found myself uninspired and stagnant after our relocation.
After consulting with Iris, it helped me to know that there was someone that I could count on, someone who was a forward-focused person.
Iris connected me with people who contribute their time and skills into volunteer work, people who were in a similar circumstance and who I can share my experiences with. After meeting and talking with them, I realised that I can also move forward and find new goals in my new life.
Though I was hesitant to go out of my comfort zone, afraid of taking a wrong turn. Iris motivated me to look for all the possibilities without putting limitations on myself. I would not have been able to make any of these changes without her coaching, ideas, support and her heart to heart communication.
Thank you, Iris!
— Shoko, Educational Assistant, Hong Kong
Iris helped me in the first three months of me arriving in Hong Kong. She listened patiently to all my questions, ideas and managed my expectations. She provided me with loads of valuable advice, ideas, information and connections, which I was able to act on.

Iris also helped me overcome self doubt, keep me motivated through my initial time and helped improved my confidence (enabling me to have the conversations I would have chosen to avoid). She was open minded to all the ideas I came up with and as my ideas changed on this journey, so too did her advice and support, to compliment this. Her patience, empathy and kindness also helped me be honest in identifying what I REALLY wanted. As a result, I’m now close to reaching my ultimate goal of getting a work visa.

I can highly recommend Iris as a career and life coach for anyone new to Hong Kong and looking for guidance in what to do next.

Thanks Iris for all your patience, kindness and support.
— Nancy, Graphic Designer, Hong Kong
Just to let you know, I am feeling strong again. We had a very productive teachers meeting yesterday. It is amazing to just talk in a safe space (coaching), and when thoughts and emotions become words, some clarity arises out of it.
The answers are always present, and discovering them through our chosen journey, is what makes it all worthwhile.
Thank you.
— Cindy, Head Teacher, Hong Kong
Iris coached me during my career transition. She was extremely empathic and managed to help me identify and overcome the obstacles that were refraining me from fully engage in my new professional adventure.
She also provided me with practical information and introduced to me local contacts which makes my integration in Hong Kong even easier.
I highly recommend Iris as a Career and Life Coach including for expatriation coaching.
— Loubna, Entrepreneur, Hong Kong
Hey, just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave me last year! I can’t believe how far I have come! Thank you so much for making me believe in me!
— YinYin, Architect, Hong Kong
Iris was my career counseling coach when I moved to Manila with my husband. I had to leave my job and was looking for work. I would get quite demotivated at times but Iris helped me keep my wits about. Iris can be a great motivational speaker! A call with her always brought me back to life and appreciate the good things I have when I felt low or disappointed. She was always there, ever ready to help! She was always punctual for our calls even when she was on a vacation. She always found new ways to keep me engaged. I have been able to overcome my habit of procrastination to a great extent with her push. She had been a great help to overcome my fears when I was moving to a new country. Her researches helped me to look exactly where I would find what I was looking for and made settling down a lot easier than I had imagined. I have found a good friend in Iris and I would love to stay in touch!
— Roohi, Finance Manager, Manila